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Reliable Industrial Latex Gloves & Feie Rubber Glove China - Feie Gloves

Zhangjiagang Fei'e Emulsion Products Co. Ltd. has been a reliable Feie Rubber Glove China; manufacturing industrial latex gloves. These rubber gloves are highly efficient for workers who use these gloves in various industries for their hands’ protection. Our Feie rubber gloves are considered in top of their priorities as there are many challenging tasks which are dealt by using these rubber gloves. People have the best option with these gloves while keeping their hands safe and protected.

Why Latex?

Rubber Latex is retrieved from the sap of the rubber tree and further processed into a versatile barrier protection, known as industrial latex gloves. For decades Latex is popular for its unique properties that mainly include resistance against toxic or harmful acids, bases, iodine, formaldehyde and chlorine. Industrial latex gloves are comprised natural rubber that’s not just stretchable for a perfect fit but also offer maximum protection from all kinds of challenging conditions. Feie Rubber Glove China is popular in supplying quality latex gloves for medical and industrial use owing to the comfort, dexterity and optimum functioning.

Heavy Duty Feie Rubber Glove China:

Our heavy duty industrial latex gloves are ideal for utmost protection offering twice the thickness than conventional industrial gloves. The Feie Rubber Glove China is an extended cuff that seals the hand in order to enhance protection against blood borne diseases, pathogens and other contaminants in the surrounding environment. For many industries from medical to mechanical industry to general and household maintenance, industrial latex gloves provide ideal benefits in terms of protection and comfort.  

Significant Features:

Another important feature of Industrial Latex Feie Rubber Glove China is that these closely conform to the hand offering best fit and feel. As a result, users get more dexterity while working with the gloves on. For instance, in dental industry the dentist needs to hold small items like tooth caps or small packets of tooth polish and if the gloves loosely conform to their hands they are going to face great difficulty while carrying out the dental procedure.

Guantes de la industria
Guantes de látex industriales FE406
Material: Latex natural
tamaño: S, M ,L ,XL,XXL
Color: Rojo exterior e interior blanco
Guantes de látex industriales FE405
Material: Latex natural
Tipo: Sin forro
tamaño: S,M,L,XL,XXL
Color: naranja
FE404 Guantes Industriales de Látex
Material: Latex natural
Tipo: Sin forro
tamaño: S,M,L,XL,XXL
Color: Exterior e interior son negros
Guantes de látex industriales FE403
Material: Látex natural
Tipo: Sin forro
tamaño: S,M,L,XL,XXL
Color: Natura
FE402 Guantes Industriales de Látex
Material: Latex natural
Tipo: Sin forro
tamaño: S,M,L,XL,XXL
Color: Negro exterior e interior naranja