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No.8 PU Sponge cleaning glove
No.: FE-NO.8
Description: PU sponge cleaning gloves
Material: Natural rubber and PU sponge  
Color: Glove:yellow ,PU sponge : Green
Type: Unlined
Size: Free size
Weight: 58g
Length: 34-35cm
Packing: 1pcs/paper card, 38pcs/inner packing box , 4pcs inner packing box/carton
Brand: FEIE or Offer OEM Service
Original: 0.00
Product Detail

Application :
• General Maintenance, Janitorial & Cleaning, such as cleaning table- board,toilet, cookware ,floor and so on .

• The design is in accordance with somatology
• High-temperature resistant
• Easy to use ,relieve weariness
• Protect hands ,anti-allergic
• 100% pure latex glove
•  Can be washed and used repeatedly
•  Reduce the cost-to-use
• The patterned palm and fingers give excellent grip in both wet and dry conditions.
•  More comfort and better absorption of perspiration

Caution :
• Don’t touch sharp things .
• Don’t use directly on the fire or high temperature place.
• After use, put it in the place with good ventilation and make it dry to prepare for use of next time.